jean is a trash baby

im so tired help

and im downloading ep 1 of haikyuu to watch in the car tomorrow and if no subs i be mad bc im too tired to start another download


sorry my sense of color is dead tonight,i already tried my best.TVT
but this scene is fun to draw~XD

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r u from europe because europiece of shit

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high dive blue黒豚 
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I said something to shynii about Neville Longbottom/Percy Weasley smut, and she said something [admittedly less nonsensical] about Marauders and then suddenly there was a Jeanmarco Marauders AU.

And then we both went radio silent at the same time because this obviously needed to be doodled.

So have some Marco as Lupin [tortured werewolf torn between wanting desperately to be close to his friends and keeping them at a distance so they can’t get hurt] and Jean as Sirius [The fullblood rebel first of his family not to be Slytherin. Also his animagus form is a cockroach].

Not pictured is Eren as James Potter, Mikasa as Lily Evans, and Armin as Peter Pettigrew [FIGHT ME, SY].

Bonus Professor Dumblesmith because Sy thought the idea was hilarious for some reason:image


I’m fine…

Fuckin mashup jamming with hdotk and we made a some snk kids the Marauders from HP…. Unfortunately we both like to torture Marco so guess who he is

Also Eren in glasses is yes

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"Human or Titan? I’m not sure what I am anymore…"

Titan Transformation

Paint Tool Sai + Tablet

About 1.5 hours


Makoto baby in Fall attire + glasses!<3 

A quick doodle after Anatomy lecture. I really don’t have a sense of style, but I couldn’t resist. I love this time of year. 


Cute model boyfriends in butt ugly holiday sweaters. 

Finally had the time to draw tonight. It’s been so long! Today’s my very last lecture for the semester, so I decided to reacquaint myself with my tablet before bed. Along with their horrible sweaters, I tried to restyle their hair a bit. Oh, how I missed these dorks.


I once again had the chance to play with psychocereals' copic markers and that's why I drew this little clear (and some of his jellyfish friends) in her sketchbook

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Thank you for being here by my side.

Speed painting inspired by Gou’s photographs from training camp.


"Look, Haru! A killer whale! Oh, and a dolphin too!"

Haru silently smiles as he watches his childhood friend run up to see the creatures closer. He’s having fun, he thought, and he lets out a small laugh as Makoto eagerly pressed his face to the seemingly translucent barrier with his mouth gaping in amazement.

It’s so beautiful, Makoto thinks. It’s as if they were a part of this majestic underwater world together. And he was glad he was sharing this space with Haru. Instinctively, Makoto reaches out his left hand to meet with his best friend’s, a gesture they always did as children. Haru turns to meet his gaze, and Makoto beams down at him with absolute appreciation.

No actual words were shared, but their actions always spoke louder than words. In this very moment, Haru can feel Makoto’s words traveling up from their linked hands to his very heart and it said:

Thank you for being here with me, Haru.

For Haru, the aquarium seemed like the perfect place to have a date. It was a quiet, calm, and leisurely activity that Haru knew they would both love. Makoto agreed to go only if Haru agreed not to undress in public. Haru reluctantly obliged, upon the condition that they would swim afterwards. Unfortunately, Nagisa found out their plans and asked forced Rei and Rin to tag along to spy on the duo.

Ahhh~ 8 hours of work but this was so much fun to draw. I’m so so so happy with the end results, especially since I learned a lot of different techniques along the way. Please, click for better quality. And please don’t take off my credits. Thank you! ^___^


I whispered, “I’m a professional artist for an animation studio” when I made this.

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Two time award-winning CMV from NärCon:14, for judge’s choice and audience’s choice!

The theme for the CMV competition was “Doors” and we decided to interpret it this way.

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